Affinities, Federations & Sports

An Affinity Programme offers the advantage of being able to underwrite a whole group of individuals, creating the opportunity of better insurance cover for lower premiums. Moreover, such a programme can be managed in a very efficient way.

Athletes don’t settle. Every day, you push yourself beyond your limits and give everything you can. We understand that. At Concordia, we don’t settle either. We walk a mile in your shoes, get the best the market has to offer and defend your interests. We do it by analysing your potential risk exposure and informing you of the potential financial losses that could come along with those risks.

“We propose tailor-made solutions for adequate coverage.”

Why concordia

Concordia has proudly partnered with sport and professional federations for years. Our expertise gives you the opportunity to generate added value for your members. We gladly support your projects and share our knowledge from various sectors. The presence of our offices in both Ghent and Brussels allows us to serve your members on a national level in Dutch, French or English.

We help you with :

  • Tailor-made insurance products and services for your members

Why Concordia?

We are not just insurance experts. We have athletes, ex-pros in house. Our Business Development Manager is Peter Van Petegem, who understands the risks and needs of professional athletes like no other. As part of an international network, we can provide services for sports teams both on a national and international level.

We value our long-term relationships with our clients, built through high-quality service. We are committed to maintaining full confidentiality at all times and stress the importance of continuous communication.

We help you with :

  • Balance sheet protection
  • Player own benefit
  • Federation insurance
  • Event insurance
  • Ongoing risk monitoring and management
  • Total insurance packages