Insurance Risk Surveys (M&A’s)

We identify the risks within your business, analyse and evaluate them, propose tailored insurance solutions and manage them for you.

“Concordia is the right partner to help you achieve your goals.”

Why Concordia?

As a specialist in Risk Management, Concordia’s primary goal is to secure the growth and continuity of the client by controlling and optimising the total cost of risks. We carry out these assignments together with our clients. Our knowledge and innovation potential are unique and hardly matchable by other companies. This makes Concordia the right partner to achieve this objective.

We help you with the:

  • Objective description of current insurance policies
  • Evaluation of the current insurance protection
  • Rating of current insurers
  • Baseline survey of the most significant company data
  • Visit to the production site
  • Description of non-insured risks and evaluation of their insurability
  • Estimate of the future costs and insurance cover
  • Examination and risk evaluation of significant contracts