Thanks to a close collaboration between the Union Syndicale Bruxelles (USB) and Concordia, an insurance program has been put in place allowing the USB members to obtain very large insurance guarantees for a very attractive price.

We are pleased to present to you on this page of our website the results of these efforts: a package of insurance policies that really do offer 'more for less', that is to say very extensive insurance coverage at very competitive rates. By clicking on the hyperlinks you will access an information leaflet that sets out the range of insurance policies offered together with the possibility of combining them in order to take advantage of additional benefits. [Links to Fidea leaflet and AWC EuroSanté leaflet]


Beneficiaries of the package

The insurance policies are open to all officials and other agents of the European institutions who have their residence in Belgium. This residence condition does not apply in the case of EuroSanté supplementary healthcare insurance. 

The insurance policies are also open to pensioners, except for the Eurosanté, the health insurance policies. Personal accident insurance can be subscribed to up to the age of 65 but cover terminates at the age of 75.

IMPORTANT : members of Union Syndicale Brussels and colleagues who are ready to become members of it benefit from additional advantages (see below).


Range of policies

Here is the current range of insurance policies (in so far as possible it will be gradually extended). By clicking on the underlined words, you will be redirected to relevant product sheet for each 'product'.: 

Motor car insurance (civil liability, fire & theft, legal protection, comprehensive cover)  

Home insurance 

Civil liability insurance - private life  

Individual accident insurance

Supplementary health insurance


The insurers

For the first four categories of insurance the insurer is FIDEA, an insurance company having its seat in Antwerp.

Fidea is an independent insurance company that is active on the Belgian market for most Life and Non-life insurance.

Fidea is accredited by the National Bank, its prudential supervisory authority, under code number 0033.

Fidea forms part of the Anbang Insurance Group Co Ltd (owner of the Waldorf Astoria, New York).

Fidea undertakes its activities from its business centres in Antwerp and Namur.

For all other information, consult its website


For supplementary health care insurance, the insurer is Allianz Worldwide Care (AWC) with its seat in Dublin, Ireland.

AWC (Allianz Worldwide Care) is a subsidiary of the Allianz Group.

AWC, acting through its Irish branch, is a limited liability company controlled by the authority for prudential supervision in France (No 401 154 679 RCS Paris).

AWC has an operating centre in Brussels.

The company offers products and services in the fields of healthcare, life, invalidity ...

It mainly services intergovernmental organisations and companies.

Do not hesitate to consult its website at


Advantages for everyone

Among the advantages that can be mentioned, we would emphasise the following:

  • very competitive rates
  • a no-claims bonus (bonus malus) of -2 'for life' for motor car
  • a comprehensive cover formula based on purchase price
  • if wished, an excess (deductible) at the particularly low level of 250 euros
  • no change in the no-claims bonus rate (bonus malus) in the case of a comprehensive cover
  • for new cars, no depreciation during the first 30 months
  • in the event of subscription to a minimum of 3 insurance policies, referred to as Elit3 (*) :
    • free splitting of the premiums,
    • buy-back of excess up to 250 euros when you have your first claim (motor and home insurance),
    • an annual reduction of 5 %,
    • a membership card, referred to as Elit3, that gives you access to a multitude of advantages.


Additional advantages for members of USB 

Members of Union Syndicale Brussels and colleagues wishing to become members of it enjoy the following additional advantages :

For insurance from FIDEA :

  • additional rate reductions :
  • motor - 20% compared with the standard rate
  • home insurance - 15% compared with the standard rate
  • in the event of a total loss under motor, a supplementary compensation of 10 %
  • in the case of subscription to a minimum of 3 insurance policies, referred to as Elit 3(*) : free bicycle assistance (up until 14 July 2016). For more information click here

(*) Elit 3 consists of the motor care and house fire insurance and has to be completed by the civil liability private life insurance and/or personal accident insurance


For EuroSanté supplementary health care insurance 

Reduction of 5 % on the premiums for the formulae Equilibre and Optimum. For more information click here.



We invite you to get in contact with the USB or with Concordia for all supplementary information, preferably by registering to attend one of the information sessions that Concordia holds frequently at the Maison de l’Union Syndicale, 36 avenue des Gaulois, Brussels 1040. To register all you need to do is send an email to :