Life & Benefits

Being an entrepreneur you must make sure that your business risks are adequately covered. We have experienced that the manager or director often neglects to take care of his primary asset, himself. The social statute of the independent professional is limited in such a way that he has to organize his own social protection.

How can we help you?

Understanding your situation is the basis for us to evaluate your personal risks, expectations and ambitions. Our experts will look at your future, past and present and will propose you an array of services and conditions in line with your expectations and possibilities.

Which products and services do we offer?

Group insurance

  • Social complementary pension for independent professionals
  • Individual pension admissions (IPT)
  • Fiscal optimization (including back service)
  • Control on 80 % rule


  • Life insurance (including inheritance planning)
  • Accident and health insurance
  • Insurance on turnover
  • Cover for medical expenses
  • Income protection