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As a multinational business, or a business with international activities, you must be aware how difficult it can be to get a good service abroad.
Local tax, social and legal regulation makes it complicated getting adequate insurance cover.  Moreover, some affiliates abroad are rather small, making it quite difficult to get any kind of leverage on the local insurance market.

How do we make the difference ?

Concordia Risk Management is member of a global insurance brokers network, and
is working also with a number of other foreign brokers on a bilateral basis.
This allows us to offer services and solutions worldwide. We also offer services to  Belgian affiliates of corporates.

In a global environment, reporting is essential.  Our experts deliver this reports in the desired formats.

What can we offer ?

- all insurance branches
- global or international insurance programs and local covers


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Concordia - Stefan Smet

Stefan Smet

Middle & Corporate Market Director
09 264 11 86
Concordia - Mieke Speeckaert

Mieke Speeckaert

Legal Director – Property & Liability Manager
09 264 11 18