Mission and values

Client driven

More than a fair share of attention has to be paid to the needs and desires of our customers in order to procure workable solutions.


We say as we do and we do as we say.
We provide honest and sincere information on how to manage your risks from our expert  point of view.
We apply the same philosophy in the relationship with our colleagues, suppliers and shareholders.


By creating a respectful working environment we expect complete dedication from the organization and its leaders.
By treating each other with respect we want to bring out the best in our most important assets : our clients and colleagues.


Panta rei. In order to deal with an ever changing world we need to have a dynamic organization showing enough flexibility to smoothly adapt to changes.


To be involved in your business, your ambitions and your needs. To have the feeling that you really matter.

Customer Intimacy

Our customers are the center of our organization. Each customer is unique and every solution is different. Continuous long-term cooperation is the only option.

Open mindedness

To be independent of standard patterns or products.
To be prepared to think together with you, even if this is not always a financial added value for our organization.
Colleagues can, even have to, think out of the box.


We must be proud of what we have accomplished over the last 50 years and we are proud to continue to write history together with you !