As an employer, you are obliged, in accordance with the Accidents at Work Act of April 10th 1971, to insure every employee for work-related accidents starting from their first working day. This insurance covers accidents which happen on the job and during commuting. Your employees are then insured against wage loss in the event of temporary and permanent disability. In the event of death, the surviving partner and any children receive compensation. The insurance also includes reimbursement of costs such as medical care, travel, prostheses and assistance from third parties according to the statutory NIHDI scheme.

Why Concordia?

Over the years, Concordia has built up a through experience in work-related accidents insurance, additional guarantees and special risks. Our team of multilingual experts will gladly help you to properly cover the risks and confidently assist you with the technical advice, to make work circumstances as safe as possible for your employees.

If you are self-employed, turn to our team for professional tailor-made advice. An accident can happen at any moment, in private life or during professional activities. Concordia always opts for the optimal solution in line with your financial possibilities.

Who is this insurance for?
  • Blue Collar
  • White Collar

What we help with :

  • Accidents at work 
  • Supplementary insurance-legislation for exceeding the salary ceiling and prive-life insurance 
  • Self-employed accidents (24/7)
  • Special risks
  • Travel & Events
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • War risks
  • Death accident insurance before inheritance planning
  • Crew coverage inland and sea shipping


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