Life & Benefits offers financial protection for self-employed. Since legal pensions don’t always provide the necessary guarantee to maintain the same purchasing power, the need for an additional retirement plan is very high. There is also a demand for protection in case of diseases or accidents. Additionally, life insurance protects your family financially if you were to die.

Why Concordia?

At Concordia, we know every client is unique. Our experienced Life & Benefits experts always take your risks, expectations and ambitions into account when creating the optimal tailor-made insurance for you. This means not only looking at your current situation but also considering your past as well as the future. We aim to ensure that our proposed solution meets your expectations and possibilities.

Who is this insurance for?
  • Self-employed

What we help with :

  • Complementary pensions (PSPS, IPC, PAS, NIHDI allowance, ...)
  • Risk guarantees (death, accidents and illness, turnover,...)
  • Tax optimization (including backservice)
  • Review 80% rule


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Pieter Holbrouck
Chief Operations Officer
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