Your fleet is always on the move. How do you get a hold on your activities and risks? At Concordia, a specialist looks at your risks and ambitions. We look for the most suitable policy for your activity with general and specialised insurance companies and refine the policy conditions until you are fully covered. We know perfectly the risks associated with transporting people and goods.

Managing a fleet takes a lot of time, so we ensure a follow-up that is as efficient and transparent as possible and that you can always rely on our experienced teams for a smooth and correct handling of your claims.

Why Concordia?

At Concordia, we do more than just assess risks and settle claims. We also offer you support in managing these risks and in efficiently managing your fleet. This not only guarantees the continuity of your insurance portfolio, but also of your company itself.

As an experienced broker and consultant, Concordia is the right insurance partner for the transportation sector. Whether your fleet is large or small fleet, you can count on our expertise and proactive support for risk prevention.

Who is this insurance for?
  • Organizations and companies with fleets consisting of passenger cars
  • Fleets consisting of light trucks
  • Fleets consisting of trucks and / or buses

What we help with :

  • Fleet insurance
  • Advice on claims and prevention
  • Market consultations
  • Renewals
  • Claims statistics analysis
  • Reports
  • Administrative simplification
  • CMR


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