Workmen's compensation

The Worker’s Compensation Cover is mandatory in Belgium, by the Law of 10th of April 1971, for all persons employed, from the first day of their employment.

The worker’s compensation insurance covers the work related accidents while at work and the accidents between home and work for:

  • the loss of pay in case of temporary or permanent disability and decease;
  • the compensation for costs: medical treatment, travel, prosthesis, assistance…

How do we make the difference?

We make sure you have a good cover, and advise you about the possibilities of extended cover, insuring a lot more than the mandatory basic cover, offering extra advantages for your collaborators. Concordia build up a huge experience in the matter and is ready to help you with technical advise to improve the security of your collaborators.

Independent professionals can get professional and tailor made advise.  An accident can happen at any moment, may it be a private or a work related one.

Concordia will find the adequate solution in function of the income.

What products and services can we offer?

Mandatory Worker’s Compensation for a legally imposed limit, adjustable every year;

  • extended cover (optional)
  • excess for wages exceeding the legal limit
  • private live related accidents

Special risks:

  • personal accidents
  • accidental decease cover related to succession planning
  • cover for ship crews
  • cover for foreigners, in Belgium for a limited time (students, trainees, members of their family)
  • events
  • professional sportsmen
  • cover for stays abroad for private and/or professional reasons
  • cover for extended stays abroad (expats, detachments)
  • risks of war, travel to high risk countries

Other tailor made covers:

  • travel assistance
  • retirement/decease
  • health care and accidents
  • medical costs
  • repatriation
  • kidnap and ransom