Every kind of human activity implies a certain amount of risks. The circumstances in which industries operate generate increasing liabilities. It is of the utmost importance that a company and its directors are well protected against all possible claims.

What differentiates Concordia from others?

However obvious a good insurance may seem, in practice liability covers show many shortcomings. One of the main reasons is the increasing standardization of insurance policies.

Every company operates in a different way, much depending on how they contract and in which country they are located. Our experts thoroughly analyze the risks that your company is faced with in order to create a fitting tailor made insurance contract.

Which products and services do we offer?

  • Civil liability
  • Product liability and recall
  • Professional liability
  • D&O
  • Environmental liability
  • Employer’s liability

By analyzing and understanding your business, we can offer tailor made insurance solutions.

Construction All Risks

Many parties are involved in big construction projects, (owner, (sub)contractors, architects, …). This can lead to discussions, delays and even long legal procedures in case of claims.

By taking out a CAR insurance as an owner, your investment is protected. As a contractor you can protect your invested capital.

Ten year liability

After completion of the construction, the seller, contractor and the architect remain liable for a further 10 years. Grave errors in construction, such as ruptured walls, serious humidity problems can be covered under a CAR policy and expensive legal procedures in case of claims can be avoided.

Concordia risk management will not only help you with the placement of these risks but will also assist you in handling these specific claims.