Employee Benefits

As an entrepreneur, you undoubtedly experience the fact that it isn’t always easy to attract or keep good employees. Employee benefits play an important role in your HR policy, and contribute to the motivation and well being of your personnel.

How do we make the difference ?

Concordia Risk Management is the designated partner of your HR department.  In accordance with your HR policy and your budget, we provide scenarios that cover existing EB programs, as well as new ones.

We take care of the implementation, the management and the communication, in constant consideration with your company. Concordia has a team of experts who are able to organize the study as well as the administration.

What products and services can we offer ?

Employee benefits

  • Retirement (defined benefit, defined contribution or cash balance plans)
  • Individual or collective administration
  • Bonus plans
  • Individual retirement engagements
  • Collective early retirement consolidation
  • Salary split
  • Collective EB plans
  • Decease (also key person-insurance)
  • Disability
  • Health care/medical costs


  • Studies
  • Benchmarks
  • Multinational pooling
  • Actuary services